Turkish Airlines moved to the new airport in Istanbul

The airline made an unprecedented move in the history of aviation on April 6.

The new Istanbul International Airport was inaugurated on October 28, 2018. It is the largest airport in the world, with a capacity for 150 million passengers per year.

This modern airport will replace the Atatürk Airport, which will only be used for private and cargo flights from now on. Although it was inaugurated last year, the process of transferring airlines and equipment was carried out gradually.

Project, aerial view of new airport istanbul

Finally, a few days ago, Turkish Airlines, one of the largest companies in the world, has led one of the most important transfers in the history of aviation. Some 47,300 tons of equipment were moved from the Atatürk airport to the new airport in a process that required the work of 1,800 people and demanded about 45 hours.

The equipment was transported by more than 5 thousand trucks and includes from aircraft tugs of 44 tons in weight to more sensitive equipment.

Inside new airport Istanbul

On Saturday, April 6 at 23:59 local time, the Turkish Airlines transfer process ended successfully.

The first flight of the airline to operate from the new Istanbul International Airport departed that same day at 2:00 pm local time bound for the capital of Turkey, Ankara.

While Turkish Airlines operates the vast majority of flights to or from the new airport, other companies such as Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air and Atlasjet also use its facilities as a base of operations.

The new Istanbul Airport is located 30 kilometers northwest of the city center, in European territory. The initials IATA that identify it are ISL, formerly belonging to the Atatürk airport. While this latter will be assigned the acronym IST.

Map of locations airports in Istanbul

In this way, the new airport in Istanbul, together with the Sabiha Gökçen, will serve commercial flights, while Atatürk will remain for private and cargo flights.

Source: iGA Istambul Airport | Igairport.com.
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