Supersonic flights would return thanks to Boom

The American company Boom Supersonic works at the Overture, a plane that will bring supersonic flights back in the future.

The manufacturer meanwhile plans to launch a smaller-scale version, this is the XB-1 model, which would enter operations in the middle of the next decade.

Boom Supersonic wants the return of supersonic flights to mean a revolution for aviation, allowing people to travel to more places, more frequently and in less time.

The XB-1 aircraft will fly to 2.2 Match, that is, twice the speed of sound. The progress is significant, considering that the fastest commercial airplanes currently fly to 0.85 Match.

Thus, flying between Sydney and Los Angeles will take about 6:45 hours instead of 15 hours of a current flight. New York and London will be able to join in 3:15 hours instead of the current 7 hours, while a supersonic flight between San Francisco and Tokyo will last 5 and a half hours, half the time it takes today to join those cities.

Boom Overture airplane

This first plane will come with capacities of 55 and 75 passengers and more spacious seats.

Meanwhile, the Denver-based company highlighted the agreement they have with Japan Airlines, this airline invested $ 10 million in 2017 and already has an advance order for 30 aircraft.

Source: Boom Supersonic.
Iani Nikolov
News Reporter

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