Sofia will have night bus service

The capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, will enjoy night buses starting next April 7.

It is a service that was widely expected by the residents of the city. The new service will run between 12am and 4am and the lines will be identified with the letter N and the corresponding number, which goes from 1 to 4. The buses will run every 40 minutes.

  • Line N1: From Lyulin to Mladost 4, the route has 50 stops.
  • Line N2: From Obelya through Nadezhda, to Studentski Grad, with 38 stops.
  • Line N3: From Ovcha kupel 2 to Levski  (Iztok Station), with 33 stops.
  • Line N4: From Druzhba 2 to Gotse Delchev, 49 stops in one direction and 55 in another.

The four routes will have a 5-minute stop at the Knyaz Alexander I square so that passengers can ascend, descend or make transfers.

Using the night buses will cost 2 Levs (1 Euro) per passenger per trip. Travel cards on other lines can not be used with night buses because only daily trips are included in that price.

The tickets are purchased directly with the driver, who will place the date of the trip on the ticket.

Sofia Night Buses tickets

A total of 14 buses between all the lines will provide the service, all of them equipped with air conditioning and heating. To increase security, the units will have separate driver and passenger cabins, in addition to having video surveillance cameras and a panic button connected to the police.

The night bus service in Sofia will operate experimentally until the end of the year, being fixed if the acceptance by the public and profitability reaches an acceptable minimum.

The buses are intended to serve mainly people who enjoy nightlife, foreign tourists and workers who need to travel during these hours.

To implement the new service, Sofía had to invest some 900,000 Levas (460,000 Euros).

Sofia Night Buses routes
Sofia night bus routes: Red line N1, Orange line N2, Light Blue line N3 and Green line N4.
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