Ryanair will implement new baggage rules

The low-cost airline Ryanair will implement new rules for cabin baggage.

So far, priority passengers could carry two handbags in the cabin for free, non-priority passengers could instead carry only a small bag in the cabin and a second in the hold at no extra cost.

As of November 1, 2018, Ryanair will change those rules.

Non-priority passengers who wish to carry a second bag must pay for it.

Ryanair ensures that the number of passengers who arrive at the doors with a second bag to carry in the hold for free causes delays in flights of up to 25 minutes.

With these new rules Ryanair aims to accelerate boardings and reduce flight delays.

If you plan to travel with a second bag, it will cost you 8,80 euros if it weighs no more than 10 kg, instead of the previous 27,50 for a bag that weighed up to 20 kg.

If you had not planned to pay another bag, non-priority travelers have the option to pay 6,60 euros for priority boarding, 8,80 if you choose to add this to your reservation on a later date than November 1, or pay directly 8,80 to carry the bag in the hold.

The new rules and rates are valid for all flights dated November 1 or later, regardless of the date on which the ticket was booked.



Photo: Adrian Pingstone.
Iani Nikolov
News Reporter

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