How many Russian cities can fit into the territory of Moscow when comparing their population?

This curious map designed by Sasha Trubetskoy tries to fit the most populated cities of the European country within the capital.

The city of Moscow reaches 12.3 million inhabitants today. If we add to that figure its metropolitan area, the number of residents reaches 17.3 million.

Moscow is a huge city and is an important political, financial, industrial, cultural and educational center that has worldwide influence. Despite this, the remaining cities of Russia are quite far in terms of the number of inhabitants. The second most populated city is St. Petersburg, with 5 million and in a third place is Novosibirsk with only 1.5 million..

To graph this comparison between the population of Moscow and some of the most important cities of Russia, the Russian student Sasha Trubetskoy designed a map where he tried to fit the cities within the Moscow metropolitan area, taking into account the number of inhabitants of each.

Sasha said that by incorporating St. Petersburg, the second most populous city in Russia, could fit the next 10 on the list. But to include even more cities, decided to discard St. Petersburg and start to include from the third most populated, reaching to fit about 15 cities.

The result is shown below…

Russian cities by population inside Moscow

If you like this kind of maps, I invite you to visit the Sasha website where you can see many other thematic maps and infographics made by this young lover of statistics, data and cartography.

Another of his works that has attracted much attention is the map of the important routes of the Roman Empire, but drawn by taking the design of a metro map with its respective stations.

Map of Roman roads in a metro map design
Source: Sasha Trubetskoy –
Iani Nikolov
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