Visiting the Sveti Vrach Park – Sandanski

After touring the Bulgarian city of Sandanski in the previous publication, it is now time to tour the Sandanski Park, also known as Sveti Vrach.

The Sveti Vrach is one of the largest urban parks in Bulgaria, next to the Garden of the Sea in the city of Varna.

With an area of 344 acres, it is the only one in the country with sand alleys.

Makedoniya Street - Sandanski
Restaurant at the end of Makedoniya Street, behind us is the entrance to the park.

The park is at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, a few meters from the center of Sandanski. It can be accessed after walking the Makedoniya pedestrian street. When we reach the bridge over the Sandanska Bistritsa River, we can see the imposing building of the Interhotel Sandanski on our right.

From here, the street we came from becomes a small straight path that goes into the park, surrounded by trees and numerous benches to rest.

Sandanska Bistritsa River
Sandanska Bistritsa River.

If we continue for about 200 meters, we find the children’s playground, and a little further on, the lake.

This artificial lake, 145 meters long and 60 meters wide, has become Sandanski’s postcard. Its calm waters with some population of ducks and swans form a perfect image with the mountains full of pines that are behind.

Sandanski Lake
Sveti Vrach Park Lake.

If we continue a few meters further towards the mountain, we will find the swimming pool complex.

On the other hand, if we walk towards the northern sector of the park, we cross the river and arrive at the summer theater and the Sandanski stadium.

The theater was built on a small slope and allows outdoor performances to take place. The Pirin Folk Festival and the Balkan Youth Festival take place here in summer.

The Spartak Stadium is next to the summer theater. It is the largest in Sandanski and has capacity for 6,000 people. Here plays the home games the club of the city, FC Vihren Sandanski, which at the moment integrates the third league of Bulgarian football.

Stadium Spartak Sandanski
Soccer fields in the park, in the background is the Spartak Stadium.

It was General Georgi Todorov, commander of the Second Bulgarian Army, in 1916-1919, who together with his soldiers planted the first black and white pine trees, cedars and sofas imported from Italy.

Sandanski Park, games

The Sandanski Park is home to 200 species of Mediterranean plants, such as centennial plane trees. There are also slender sequoias, magnolias, willoes, ginko biloba, cork oak, yew, grenades, among other species.

Sandan Park, alley
The main path to the park, towards the lake.
Sandanski little lagoon
One of the several ponds in the park.

Sandanski Park entrance

Trees in Sandanski Park

Sandanski Sveti Vrach Park map

Iani Nikolov
News Reporter

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