Hopewell Mound City and its curious mounds

In the south of the state of Ohio, United States, we find a peculiar park that draws attention for its large number of mounds of earth. This is Mound City Group National Monument.

This place, which stands out for its mounds, is part of the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park with five other nearby sites.

Mound City is located 5 kilometers (3.10 mi) north of the center of Chillicothe, a city of 21,900 inhabitants on the banks of the Scioto River.

Mound City group national monument

The Hopewell culture describes common aspects of the aborigines who lived in areas near rivers of the northeastern and mid-western United States, between the years 100 BC and 500 AD.

It is not a society, but a set of dispersed but closely related populations, with fluid commercial exchanges.

The mounds of Hopewell Culture follow geometrical patterns and are carefully constructed, reaching heights of up to 9 meters (30 ft.).

Build them demanded a deep knowledge of the soil and materials, which gave the mounds the stability and consistency necessary to remain until today, added to the large number of hours of work, taking into account that the land was transported in handwoven baskets.

Mounds in Hopewell Culture Park

Even today it is unknown why the Hopewells built the mounds, although some theories give them the function of possible astronomical observatories, which is why they were built taking into account the position of the moon and the sun during sunrise and sunset throughout of the year.

Mound City was mapped for the first time in 1840. It was later used as a military camp during the First World War. The place received works of archeology and reconstruction, and in 1923 it was declared a National Monument.

In 1992, it became part of the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, with 5 other nearby sites.

This magical place is located 5 kilometers (3.10 mi) north of Chillicothe and 67 kilometers (41.60 mi) south of Columbus. The address is 16062 State Route 104.

The park operates every day of the year, except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, from 08:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission is free.

More information you can find in the Hopewell Park web site.

Mound city Hopewell map

Imágenes: Herb Roe, Mound National Park Service.
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