Lusail: the host city of the 2022 World Cup that still does not exist

In this city will be disputed the opening and the final of the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

The next World Cup will be different to all for many reasons: it will be played at the end of the year and not in June as usual, its host cities are just a few kilometers away from each other and will have its opening and final in Lusail, a city that has not yet exists.

The city of Lusail will be located 20 kilometers north of Doha, the capital and most populous city of Qatar. The ambitious project is developed by the Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company and aims to turn the new city into a modern and sustainable place.

Lusail project map
Lusail is being erected in a desert coastal area north of Doha. It will be connected to the latter by means of a network of highways and metro. (Mapa:

Lusail will have two marinas, shopping centers, luxury shops, leisure and entertainment venues, residential areas, two golf courses, a zoo, white sand beaches, stadiums and racetracks. All within an area of 35 square kilometers.

The new city is also planned to be the headquarters of the Qatar Petroleum Corporation and include the Energy City.

Lusail center render

The whole project is within the framework of a plan called National Vision 2030, which aims to achieve economic diversification of the country along with real estate development, human and social.

Outside of the future Lusail Stadium

The stadium will be called Lusail Iconic Stadium, will have capacity for 86.000 spectators and will be located on the side of the highway in the west of the city. This site was born by the German architect Albert Speer Jr., son of the former minister and architect of Hitler. Speer died recently and the work is now in the hands of Norman Foster.

Graphic inside Lusail future stadium

All the important points of Lusail will be connected by a tram network. There will also be freeways, rapid access, bike lanes and ample parking spaces. The city will complete its offer with multiple green spaces.

Lusail is designed to make efficient use of energy and have the best service and telecommunications infrastructure.

Lusail satellite image year 2006
Year 2006: the area located north of Doha, capital of the country, was deserted and depopulated in this satellite image.
Lusail satellite image year 2015
Year 2015: highways, streets and some buildings emerged between the sands. The coastal zone was the one that suffered the greatest modifications.

Unfortunately the Lusail project has a very dark side, the painful working conditions of those who build the city have already claimed more than a thousand lives.

When the works are completed, Lusail will have 450 thousand houses so that the first settlers can settle. It is estimated that the city can accommodate 230.000 inhabitants when it reaches its maximum capacity.

Lifting Lusail in the middle of the sands of Qatar will demand some 45.000 million dollars. Construction is already underway and it is expected that by the end of 2019 it will be ready.

Fox Hills Buildings
Fox Hills Buildings under construction.
Marina District
Marina District in 2012.
Marina district buildings under construction
Buildings in the Marina District.
Car parking marina district
Car parking, Marina District.
lusail suspension qetaifan island bridge
Qetaifan Island Suspension Bridge. It is under construction, once completed it will join the island of Qetaifan with the mainland.


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