Kyiv at night: the city as you’ve never seen it before

I propose you a walk around the Ukrainian capital, but this time to admire it from a new perspective: We will visit Kyiv at night.

This great city of almost 3 million inhabitants mixes Soviet and modern architecture in an undulating relief on the banks of the Dnieper River. Its hills, parks and wide avenues give us spectacular views of the city that we can enjoy both day and night.

Kyiv center city

The greatest commercial and social activity takes place in the center of Kyiv, around the Khreshchatik street and the Independence Square, also known as Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

On this site we find many shops, bars, restaurants and government buildings. Independence Square stands out for its monuments, water fountains and the large number of people who gather there, especially in the hot months. This is a good point to start seeing Kyiv at night.

Kreshchatyk street
Kyiv panoramic downtown night

A few meters from the Independence Square, heading north, we find the People’s Friendship Arch, a monument located in a park on a hill.

From here we get incredible views of the Podil neighborhood, the Dnipro River, the river islands and further down the Dnipro and Obolon districts.

Podil district at night
Panoramic of Podil District.
Kyiv obolon district

Descending towards the river, we will find the boardwalk and the fluvial port, where in the summer months and weekends there will be a large number of people enjoying the food stalls and rest areas.

The square located at the entrance to the river port was remodeled and expanded a few years ago. It is built next to the church of the Nativity of Christ and on the Naberezhne avenue that borders the Dnieper river. Currently it has gardens and water fountains that light up when the sun goes down.

Kyiv downtown at night
TV Tower Kyiv and city at night
The TV tower with its 385 meters( 1,263 ft).

To continue enjoying Kyiv at night we can get into the Podil neighborhood, walk through its streets and visit the famous Andriyivsky Descent.

Another place that gives us great views of the city is the Slavi park, located 2 kilometers east of the center of Kyiv. Nearby is the Monastery of the Caves (or Kiev-Pecherska Lavra) and the monument to the Motherland. Places that due to their height offer views to the east of the city, as well as being surrounded by parks and buildings of great historical importance.

Finally, from the center of Kyiv we can walk along the long boulevard Tarasa Shevchenka, with its characteristic pedestrian path and row of trees.

This road takes us to the west of the city passing through the Shevchenko park, the university, the botanical garden and some shopping centers.

Boulevard Tarasa Shevchenka night
Kiev University
University building.
Backyard of university Kyiv
Water reflections in the backyard…

But in addition to charming cityscapes, walking around Kyiv at night can be complemented by a visit to one of its bars, restaurants or pubs. Most of them located near the Independence Square, the district of Podil and on the banks of the Dnieper River.

Kyiv restaurants
Restaurants in Khreshchatyk street.

Here we end this night trip through a city that always surprises us and that we can not miss the opportunity to visit.

If you want to know more about Kyiv, I invite you to the previous publications dedicated to this city. In both you will also find useful information on accommodation, transport, gastronomy and places of interest that you can not miss.

Holosiiv District Kyiv
Immense apartment blocks.
Panoramic photo of Holosiiv District, Kyiv
Moon over Kyiv

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