Kazan: North of the city and its impressive stadiums

In a previous article we landed in the city of KazanRussia, and visited the downtown and many of its attractions. Now we continue our visit and for that we crossed the Kazanka River towards the northern sector, which has several surprises for us.

The second proposed walk to get to know the city of Kazan is along the north coast of the Kazanka River, on the Sibgata Khakima Avenue.

Starting from the bridge on Dekabristov Street, we can visit the Kyrlay amusement park on our left.

Kazan Family Center at night
The Kazan Family Center at night, surrounded by a large park with views of the city and the river.

Continuing towards the east, we will cross the coast of the river that in this sector forms a large lake. Here we find the building known as Kazan Family Center, where the offices of the civil registry work, characteristic for their mushroom or cup shape. It is surrounded by a large park that allows views of the Kazanka River and the buildings located opposite, like those that are part of the Kremlin.

Kazan north buildings
Buildings located on Sibgata Kakhima Avenue, seen from the south of the Kazanka River.

This coast of Kazan changes enormously during the year, in summer the small trees give greenness to the place and small buildings on the street bring a certain resemblance to some coastal street in Miami. In winter, the landscape is covered with snow and the Kazanka River flows down with less water, reducing the size of the lake that usually becomes a large swamp of mud and snow.

Kazan Aquapark beach
Beach and buildings of the Riviera Aquapark complex.
Avenue Sibgata Kakhima near Riviera Aquapark
Walking along the Sibgata Kakhima Avenue, arriving at the Riviera Aquapark.

About 600 meters further on there is a sandy beach and across the avenue we find the covered stadium Tatneft Arena. To the east of it is a commercial complex, consisting of the Lerua Merlen supermarket, Imax cinemas and numerous shops.

In front of the Tatneft Arena, and on the banks of the river, is the AquaPark Riviera Complex, famous for its water park with incredible views of the city.

The Riviera has a hotel, water park, restaurants, conference room and even a beach on the Kazanka River.

Prices vary by visiting time. Weekdays and Sundays are priced at 550 rubles (7.50 euros) for a 2-hour ticket, 900 rubles for 4 hours and 1050 rubles a full day. Children and students have discounts.

Riviera Aquapark
Riviera Aquapark Complex.
Riviera Aquapark Swimming Pool
Its impressive water park and good views of the city, attract many people in summer.

Continuing the journey, some 1500 meters further on, following the Sibgata Khakima Street or the Chistopolskaya we will reach the Kazan Arena stadium.

Tatneft Arena and Kazan Arena

Tatneft Arena is a covered venue located between Sibgata Khakima Avenue and Chistopolskaya Street, on the Kazanka River coast. It was inaugurated in 2005 and has a capacity for 10,000 spectators.

The Tatneft Arena is home to the Ak Bars Kazan ice hockey team, which participates in the Kontinental Hockey League.

In 2014, the Turkvision Songs Competition was held in its facilities.

Tatneft Arena
Tatneft Arena.

Meanwhile, if we continue some 1500 meters to the east, on Khusaina Yamasheva Avenue and also on the banks of the river, we will reach the Kazan Arena. It is one of the most modern football stadiums in the world.

Kazan Arena
Kazán Arena.

Its construction cost 450 million dollars and was in charge of the American firm Populus, who was also present in important works around the world, such as the Emirates Stadium, the home of the Arsenal in London and the remodeling of Wimbledon. The Kazan Arena It was opened in July 2013, for the Universiades of that year that were held in this city.

Its capacity is 45,379 and it is the home of FC Rubin Kazan, the city’s soccer team, which currently plays in the first league of Russian football.

Inside Kazan Arena
Interior of the Kazan Arena, facing southeast from the Seating Block A102.

This stadium hosted the Universiades of 2013, the Confederations Cup 2017 and this year, 6 matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup were held in its facilities.

Kazan Arena Stadium
Kazan Arena entrance.

Gastronomy and Nightlife

Kazan has a wide gastronomic offer. Their meals are varied and many have goose meat as the main ingredient. The tartar cuisine does not use too many spices.

The city of Kazan was one of the main stops on the Tea Route, which linked Asia with Europe in the 17th century. Reason why this drink is a tradition in the place and is offered with a wide range of sweet dishes that accompany it.

Some of the essential specialties in a visit to the city are:

  • Kystyby, dish originating from the fields of the Middle Volga. They are tender stuffed wheat tortillas in a crescent shape.
  • Echpochmack, also known as “triangle”, it is one of the best known dishes of tartar cuisine. It is a dough stuffed with potatoes, meat, onion, closed in the form of triangles and taken to the oven. While they can carry any type of meat, the combinations veal-duck and lamb-goose are the best.
  • Zur-Belish, as if it were a giant empanada, this dish is common for family celebrations. The soft dough is filled with meat and giblets, potatoes and onions.
  • Kaklagan Kaz, a dish composed of goose, very good taste thanks to the healing that meat receives for months.
  • Talkysh Kaleve, delicate pyramids made with pressed honey threads that melt in the tongue. It is a sweet dish that accompanies tea.

Most of the gastronomic establishments are located in the center of the city, especially on Bauman Pedestrian Street and Bulachnaya Street.

The Tatar Village recreational complex (also called Tugan Avalym, which in the Tatar language means “indigenous people”), is located in the center of Kazan, 1000 meters east of the Ploshchad Tukaya metro station. In that place it is possible to taste a great variety of national dishes.

Some of the most popular restaurants are Priyut Kholostyaka (with special seafood cuisine, Russian, European), Big Butcher Grill (steakhouse), Malabar (Russian food, Indian), VKofeine (coffee, soups, vegetarian menu), Pasta Cafe (Italian cuisine, vegetarian and Russian), Chernovar (Russian, Czech and vegetarian dishes).

Among the best places to try traditional food, stand out, Dobraya Stolovaya, Chak-Chak, Priyut Kholostyaka, Cafe Blinnaya Maslenitsa, Dom Chaya and Korzhik.

Kazan also has a wide range of bars of all styles, among them we find, City bar, Belgian Beers Bar, Nagai, Roof Cocktail Bar, Cuba Lbre, Top Hop,Rockstar Bar, the SNOB Lounge Bar and GR8 People Kazan.

Bars with karaoke: Smotri i Poi, Cocos Karaoke Bar, Riva Karaoke-Bar, Karaoke Bliss Nº1.

Pubs/clubs: The Legend, Hookah Rooms, Coyote Ugly.


The city of Kazan is located 800 kilometers west of Moscow, on the M7 route. It can also be reached by bus, train or plane.

Kazan has train service to cities such as Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Yoshkar-Ola and Yekaterinburg. The main station, called Kazan-1 Passazhirskaya, is located in the center of the city.

A second station called Kazan-2 or Vosstaine is located in the northern sector of the city. Kazan complements the list with nineteen platforms for commuter trains.

The train ride between Moscow and Kazan takes around 12:30 hours and the prices per section start from 9 euros in basic seat and 39 euros in full cabin. Russian Railways Rdz is the company that provides the service.

Traveling by bus between the Russian capital and the city of Kazan costs from 18 euros in companies like OOO AvtoKruiz, Soyuz Bus, Avtoslav, and it takes about 13 approximate hours of travel.

Kazan has numerous bus lines to other cities such as Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Ufa and many more. The stations are:

  • Central or Stolichniy, located in the center of the city and near the river port;
  • East, or Vostochny, recently built and located near the horse racetrack;
  • South or Yuzhnyy,located in the south entrance of the city, near the University Village.
Sunset over Kazan International Airport
Kazan International Airport.

The Kazan International Airport (KZN) is located 25 kilometers south of the city. It was inaugurated in 1979, replacing the old airport located near the center, where today is the racecourse.

This airport, which in 2017 moved more than 2.5 million passengers, has flights to the main cities of Russia thanks to airlines such as Aeroflot, Pobeda Airlines, S7 or Ural. The airline UVT Aero is based at this airport and provides flights to cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, among others.

Kazan also has international flights to Istanbul, Dubai, Frankfurt, Prague, Warsaw and many other cities.

A flight between Moscow and Kazan costs around 80 euros round trip and takes an hour and a half.

It is reached by taxi, bus line 197 and direct electric train.

Kazan Airport Runway
The Kazan Airport offers good connections to other cities in Russia, Europe, the Caucasus region and Asia.

The city has a wide public transport network: buses, trains, trams, trolleybuses and metro, make up the system that allows you to reach anywhere in Kazan.

The cost of the trip by public transport costs 25 rubles (0.35 euros). The subway uses chips that are purchased at ticket offices or vending machines, while trolley buses and buses must be paid to the driver with cash.

Kazan also has a fluvial port on the waters of the Volga, near the center of the city. Some services of interurban boats and commuter boats work from there.

Kazan metro and railways map
Map of metro, tram and commuter train in the city of Kazan. (Source: Vitaly Plotkin, UrbanRail.Net)
Kazan: bus and railway stations and airport
Location of the airport and the different train and bus stations.

Kazan has a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. In summer, maximum temperatures are usually around 20 or 25 degrees Celsius, while in winter they can drop to -15 degrees. Between the months of December and March the snowfalls are very frequent. For this reason, it is recommended to take into account the climatic factor when planning a visit to the city.

In this way, our journey ends today. If you have not read the first part of the visit to Kazan, here is the link.

Map of attractions in the north of Kazan
Our route today used as axis the Sibgata Kakhima Avenue, which borders the Kazanka River.


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