How to get from the airport to Moscow

Moscow is a huge city. Its urban agglomeration passes the 16 million inhabitants and the distances are important. That is why here I will tell you the best ways to go from Moscow airport to the city center.

First we must know that in the capital of Russia there are four airports that receive regular commercial flights:

Sheremetyevo (SVO): Located 27 kilometers north of Moscow. It is the main airport in Russia, the busiest and works as a base for Aeroflot, Rossiya, Nordwind, Pegas Flight and Royal Flight.

Domodedovo (DME): It is located 42 kilometers south of Moscow. It is the second in importance and has many national and international flights. Here are based airlines such as S7, Globus Airlines, Smartavia, Ural Airlines and Red Wings.

Vnukovo (VKO): This airport is the third in traffic in Moscow and is located 28 kilometers west of the city center. It is the basis for the low-cost airline Pobeda and other companies such as Gazpromavia, RusLine, Utair, I-Fly and Azur Air.

Zhukovsky (ZIA): The fourth airport in importance, began operating regular flights in 2016 and is 40 kilometers southeast of Moscow. It is the base airport of Pegas Fly Ir, while operating as a focus airport of IrAero and Ural Airlines.


Normally the Aeroexpress train is the best option, since it takes us directly to train stations near the Moscow downtown, from where we can also take the subway to other parts of the city.

These are the prices of Aeroexpress as of September 2019. If we book at least 4 days in advance we will get about 50 rubles discount.

  • Individual ticket: one way 500 rubles (7.75 usd), round trip 850 rubles (13 usd),
  • Duo ticket for two passengers: one way 850 rubles (13 usd), round trip 1450 rubles (22.40 usd),
  • Ticket groups of up to 4 passengers: one way 950 rubles (14.70 usd), round trip 1700 rubles (26.30 usd).

Aeropexpress offers the possibility of combining its services with a taxi that will take you from the train station to your final destination. This service is contracted from the Aeroexpress app.

The prices of the combined service (Aeroexpress + Taxi) are the following:

  • One person 700 rubles one way (10.80 usd),
  • Two people 1100 rubles one way (17 usd),
  • Groups up to 4 people 1200 rubles one way (18.60 usd).
Inside Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow

In all airports we have car rental and taxi services, although if we want to use the latter it is advisable to hire in advance in applications such as Yandex taxi, Uber, Gett or any other similar, so we will know in advance the value of the trip and avoid excessive charges.

We must bear in mind that if we travel by bus, taxi or rent a car, the avenues and roads of Moscow and its metropolitan area can have great congestion at peak times that will make the trip longer.

How to get from Sheremetyevo Airport to downtown Moscow?

  • Train

The Aeroexpress train has its station close to terminals E and F of the airport. This transport takes us to the Belorussky train station. The trip takes 35 minutes. Trains depart every half hour, between 5 am and midnight.

  • Bus

From Sheremetyevo we can take line 812 to Belomorskaya station, where we can connect with line 7 of the subway.

The 851 bus line takes us to the Rechnoy and Planernaya stations, where we can connect with metro line 2. Buses leave every 20 minutes, between 05:30 and midnight.

The night line N1 (Н1 in Russian) departs every 30 minutes between 3 am and 5:40 am, traveling from Sheremetyevo to downtown Moscow on Leningradsky Avenue and then on Leninsky Avenue. The value of the tickets is 55 rubles (0.85 usd).

  • Road

Leningrandskoye Avenue connects the airport with Moscow, but due to its congestion and frequent traffic jams, in 2014 the government opened the toll road that connects Sheremetyevo with the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD), saving travel times.

Moscow Sheremetyevo airplanes winter

How to get from Domodedovo Airport to downtown Moscow?

  • Train

Aeroexpress takes us from Domodedovo airport to Paveletsky train station. The trip takes 45 minutes.

There are also commuter trains that make the same route, but with more stops along the way and a duration of 1:10 hour to Paveletsky station.

  • Bus

Bus line 308 takes us in its Shuttle and Express service to the Domodedovovskaya metro station, south of Moscow, where we can take line 2 of the metro.

These buses depart every 30 minutes between 6 am and midnight. While between midnight and 6 am, they depart every 40 minutes. The value of the ticket is 150 rubles (2.30 usd), 135 if we pay with VISA payWave / Mastercard PayPass or Strelka card.

  • Road

Domodedovo airport is connected by road to the Kashirskoye M4 motorway and the MKAD ring road in Moscow.

How to get from Vnukovo Airport to downtown Moscow?

  • Train

Aeroexpress travels from Vnukovo airport to Kiyevsky train station. The journey takes about 35 minutes.

The Moscow Department of Construction plans to extend the metro line 8A (Kalininsko – Solntsevskaya), arriving at Vnukovo airport, making it the first one directly linked to the Moscow metro network. The works will begin after 2020.

  • Bus

The line 611 links this airport with the Troparyovo and Yugo-Zapadnaya metro stations, both of metro line 1, located southwest of Moscow.

  • Road

Vnukovo airport has direct access from the Kiyevskoye (M3) road, which after passing the MKAD ring road, is renamed Leninskiy Avenue driving directly to the center of Moscow.

How to get from Zhukovsky Airport to downtown Moscow?

  • Bus + Metro

Line 441 takes us between the Zhukovsky airport and the Kotelniki metro station, which is located south Moscow and belongs to metro line 7. The trip from the airport to the downtown Moscow takes 1 hour, including the mentioned transfer.

The value of the ticket is 92 rubles (1.40 usd) in cash, 73.60 rubles if we pay by credit card.

  • Bus + Commuter train

Another option is to travel from the airport on the Shuttle Bus to Otdyh station. Once there, we take the “Sputnik” commuter train, which takes us to the Kazansky train station, where the Komsomoliskaya metro station is also located, near downtown Moscow.

  • Road

The entrance to the airport is located on Narkomvod Street, on the banks of the Moskva River. This street connects to the Zhukovsky highway (M5), which takes us a few kilometers west to Novoryazanskoye Avenue. The latter enters the city, taking the name of Volgogradskiy.

For more information, I leave you the links of each airport where you can get more information 😉

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