Tropical storm Dorian intensifies and would pass near Puerto Rico

Some islands of the Lesser Antilles were already affected, now Dorian is heading to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Tropical storm Dorian has gained intensity in recent hours. During the night of Monday 26 passed near the island of Barbados where it produced rains and towards the dawn of today hit the islands of Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent with gusts of wind and abundant rains.

Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center of the United States predicted an approach of the trajectory of this tropical storm towards the island of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Dorian Antilles

Currently, this system moves along the Caribbean Sea in a west northwest direction at 21 km/h (13 miles per hour) and with maximum sustained winds of 80 km/h (50 miles per hour). Winds with tropical storm force extend up to 72 kilometers (45 miles) from the center.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Puerto Rico prepare for Dorian’s arrival during the early hours of Wednesday. Heavy rains, winds and dangerous maritime conditions are expected. The area of Cabo Rojo would be the most hit, although the populations between Ponce and Aguadilla would also be affected.

On the other hand, the Dominican Republic is also on alert, since Dorian could affect the east coast of that country, where important cities such as La Romana, Punta Cana and Samana are located.

Dorian Tropical storm in the Caribbean Sea
Images: Trinidad & Tobago Weather Center, National Hurricane Center,
Iani Nikolov
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