Air transport 2019: one of the safest years

The Aviation Safety Network organization published the report on air transport safety during the year 2019.

While there were fatal accidents, the figures place the year just ended as one of the safest in the history of aviation.

The report includes only commercial, passenger and cargo flights, corresponding to approved aircraft to carry a minimum of 14 passengers. In total, 20 accidents were recorded during 2019, with a total of 239 deaths.

The most serious accidents were Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 that crashed during takeoff in Ethiopia, and Aeroflot flight SU1492 that caught fire after an emergency landing in Russia. Both left 157 and 41 dead respectively.

However, in 2019 approximately 39 million flights were made worldwide, with an average of 1 flight with victims for every 2 million flights.

These figures place 2019 in seventh place of the safest years in aviation taking into account the number of accidents and injuries, while rising to third place when it comes to the number of fatalities.

Statistics 2019, 20 accidents, 239 fatalities
Statistics aviation safety 1972-2019

The graph above shows the number of victims since 1972 in commercial airplanes with a minimum capacity of 14 passengers.

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Iani Nikolov
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