The 10 best skateparks in Moscow

In a huge city like Moscow, the possibilities of practicing this sport are endless. Hundreds of skateparks of different sizes and quality can be found in the city and its metropolitan area. Here is a list of the 10 best skateparks in Moscow.

Luzhniki Skatepark

This skatepark is located in the Moscow downtown. It is suitable for free styles and its figures were renovated and painted a few years ago when it was moved from a nearby place. We find it to the right of the main entrance of the Luzhniki stadium, at the Novoluzhnetskiy pass.

Skatepark Luzhniki

LSD 2.0 Skatepark

In the southwest of Moscow we have this excellent sports option. The 1100 square meters of the LSD 2.0 skatepark will surprise you with its excellent design and great quality. The site was opened in 2018 and has a semi bowl, boxes, rails, in addition to many radios and railings. All figures are fantastically integrated into the environment.

We found this skatepark on Udaltsova Street, in the Park 50th Anniversary of October.

Skatepark LSD 2.0

CSKA Plaza

Opened in the summer of 2018 by the boys of FK Ramps, this huge 1,560 square meter skatepark is located northeast of Moscow, in Khodynka Park. It has a very well planned configuration and a lot of simple, complex and also some unusual forms.

This modern site was built in high quality concrete, resistant to all types of climates and is suitable for beginners and professionals.

Khodynka CSKA skatepark also stands out for its surroundings: it is located in a 25.5-hectare park with an artificial pond, sports areas, children’s areas and a few meters from the huge Aviapark shopping center, the largest in Europe.

This skatepark is located on Khodynskiy Street, a short distance from the CSKA, Aeroport, Dinamo and Polezhayevskaya metro stations.

Skatepark CSKA

DC Shoes Navipark in Sokolniki

The DC Shoes Navipark is a fairly complete skatepark located northeast of Moscow. A day of rain or snow is no excuse to stop skateboarding in this place, because here we have several elements in plywood, sheltered under a huge awning. We also find classic outdoor concrete structures.

Sokolniki DC Shoes Navipark has everything for beginner and advanced skaters, such as spokes, edges, railings and much more. This skatepark is located in the Sokolniki park, to the left of the main entrance.

Skatepark Sokolniki

Izmailovsky Skatepark

In the huge Izmailovsky park, east of Moscow, we find this good skatepark. Everything you need to practice the sport you find here: boxes, radios, rails, geps, transfers and much more.

This modern skatepark has 620 square meters, it opened in 2012 and we found it south of the park, on Entuziastov Avenue, very close to Kalininskaya metro station.

Skatepark Izmailovsky

Lianozovsky Skate plaza

It has 3000 square meters of surface. Here you have a good concrete bowl with radio rides on the walls, where you can skate and progress. We also have the plaza, which repeats the natural topography and urban obstacles.

This site was built by the people of FK Ramps, which guarantees a good quality of the elements. We find it to the north of Moscow, in the Lianozovsky park, a few meters from the avenue of the same name. Admission is free and is open from 7 to 23 hours.

Skateplaza Lianozovsky

Skate plaza Ferma in Perovo

In the east of Moscow we find the Skate Park Ferma. Here we have a bowl for BMX, scooters, rollers and skateboards, and also a plaza with multi-level figures. To build this skatepark, the company FK Ramps decided to preserve all the trees located in the place, which gives it a unique design in the country and a pleasant shade for summer days.

The Skate Plaza Ferma has 3,000 square meters and is located in the district of Perovo. We find it in Perovsky Park, at the intersection of Kuskovskaya Avenue and Lazo Street.

Skatepark Ferma Perovo

Skate plaza in Krasnya Presnya Park

This place is considered one of the best skateparks in Moscow. Its location gives it unique qualities, it is surrounded by many trees and the imposing skyscrapers of the Moscow International Business Center.

The Krasnaya Presnya Park Skate Plaza is one of the first normal concrete in the city. Although it has no bowls, we find radio walls, varied figures and is suitable for professionals and beginners. You can also walk along the night walk located to the side. Another big point in favor is that, unlike other famous parks like Sadovniki, it is not crowded.

Skate Park is located on Krasnogvardeyskiy Avenue, a short distance from the river and skyscrapers.

Skatepark Krasnaya Presnya

Ostankino Skatepark

The skate park of Ostankino has 1 hectare and is the largest in Europe. Although in terms of quality it is not the best in the country, it stands out for its four bowls built for different levels of skateboarding. There is also a disabled area and another for children.

This skatepark is located in the park of the same name, north of Moscow. We access it through Shchelkanovskaya Street and it is open from 12 to 22 hours.

Skatepark Ostankino

Skatepark Sadovniki in Kolomenskoye

Located in the Kolomenskoye district, southeast of Moscow, the Sadovniki skatepark is considered the best in Russia. Although it does not exceed the skatepark of the Ostankino park in size, it still has a huge surface (2,750 square meters) and stands out for the quality of its elements.

Here we find a huge concrete bowl with elevations, steps, railings, benches, faces and radii. The Sadovniki skatepark was well designed from the beginning and we notice that in each figure that composes it as well as in its alignment. Many skaters from Russia and other countries have passed through Sadovniki.

This skatepark is usually open until 10 pm in summer and admission is free. Due to its fame it is usually quite crowded, but that also allows us to see some of Russia’s best skaters in the place.

Skatepark Sadovniki
Skatepark Sadovniki, Moscow

Images: FK Ramps,, Valentina Prokofyeva, Ilia Mk.
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